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3U PTH Part Configured Extender Cards 220mm deep 188-29937

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3U PTH PCB made from FR4 material UL94 V0 rated. Designed for use with all IEC297 card frames. Designed to be totally flexible with pinto pin traces. Traces are 70 micron copper to minimise voltage drop. DINconnector outer rows 1abc, 2abc, 31abc & 32abc have extra wide tracks forpower ground applications. Fully assembled with 96/64 Din 41612 connectors and cardsupport / Ejector brackets fitted. Signal interrupt is not populated on this assembly. Support Ejector brackets have been designed to provide planarextension of the card and to provide simple ejection of the card under testwhen finished. Dimensionally compatible with IEC 297.A similar board but assembled with fully loaded 96/96 pin DIN 41612 connesctors is available as our part 188-27573

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Width mm 130mm