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21 slot Multilayer Backplane for 96-64 way connectors part number 222-27569

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21 Slot Microbus Backplane 64/96 connectors - PTH Eurocard backplanes designed for use with microprocessors, Reliability of plated through holes, Minimal cross talk, DIN 41612 connectors, DIN 41494 card frame compatible, Choice of connector styles and pitches: 3HP(15.24mm) for PCB's for hard wired daughter boards, 4HP(20.32mm) for two level wirewrap daughter boards. A low cost version of the Microbus backplane still with the reliability of plated through holes but with restricted in use to only 64/96 way connectors. The basic design is very simple, with pin 2 and 31 on rows A and C are committed to Vcc, This leaves 56 separate signal lines from lines from pin 3 A and C to pin 28 A and C inclusive. Tests have been carried out on the 84Hp version by feeding a 1MHz square wave signal (5ns rise and fall times) through a DIN 41612 connector and measuring the adjacent tracks at the opposite end. Note: The micro bus motherboard was not terminated, which would have reduced the amplitude to the cross talk and changed its shape considerably.

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