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New Products From Vero Technologies

Here at Vero we are continuing to expand our range of board level components available in pack sizes that can be used in both development and production.

To register your interest please use this link to our Contact Us page, and just send us your details highlighting the product of interest.

During the Spring of 2015 we will be launching three new product ranges:

Surface Mount Test Point Contacts: To complement our extensive and proven range of glass insulated Test Point Terminal assemblies we are adding a range of SMT terminals in Industry Standard Tape and Reel packaging for volume production, providing reduced assembly, handling, and production cost as well as improved inspection times.    

EMC Contacts and Cans: EMC and RFI protection is vital for modern systems. However the traditional soldering method for attaching cans is expensive, time consuming, and rework after assembly is very difficult. Using SMT clips and simple clip in cans is an ideal solution, that enable prototype evaluation using the same parts as those available for production. We will offer a full range of clips and cans as well as range of SMT contacts all in Tape and Reel packaging.

Coin Cell Battery Holders:  SMT and through hole products suitable for auto pick and place assembly utilising industry standard tape and reel packaging. Different versions of the product will be available to meet the market needs and available for both volume and prototype production.