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The IBX Range ... Stylish & Strong

IBX casesIBX are strong, easily assembled enclosures, which provide facilities for circuit boards, power supplies, interconnections, controls and displays.

PCBs can be mounted both horizontally and vertically using their inbuilt guides. For horizontal mounting the largest board is 233.4*263.8 mm.. For vertical mounting the height ranges from 14.3mm to 89.3mm.

4 self-adhesive pcb mounting clips are included.

There are four individual sizes available in heights from 25mm to 100mm. The three largest sizes are suitable for either desktop or portable applications. An attractive sloping front panel option has ventilation slots built into the underside.

Top and base mouldings are separated by side in-fills which give four different heights. Four assembly screws pass through the feet, base panel and in-fills, and secure to inserts in the top panel. The three largest sizes are available with their infill mouldings pre-drilled to allow fitting of a carrying handle, on the Type B units.

IBX mouldings are manufactured in a durable high quality ABS material. Each case is supplied with four moulded non-slip feet which allow the units to be stacked safely on each other.

Aluminium, Sloping Front panels and the Carrying Handle must be ordered separately.

Part No H W D  
500-54501   25     275   250    
500-54502 50 275 250  
500-54503 75 275 250  
500-54504 100 275 250  
        allows carrying handle
500-54750 50 275 250  
500-54751 75 275 250  
500-54752 100 275 250  
500-54505       Carrying Handle

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