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Veronex – Enhanced Display

Published on 30th January 2018

Veronex – Enhanced Display

Bigger, better and nicer - what's not to like?

Vero’s Veronex product range has been further extended to accept larger display screens with the viewing area increased by 9...

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September 2017. From Zero To Hero In Less Than 48 Hours

Published on 28th September 2017

On a particular Wednesday, a customer visited. "We have an Exhibition in Germany next week, so I need an enclosure to put these components in, and by the way, I need it assembled as well, all by Frida...

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June 2017. It's Not Just Beauty That Is Skin Deep!

Published on 28th June 2017

June 2017. It's not just beauty that is skin deep!

Having chosen your enclosure from our wide range of ABS products, used our PCB test pins and had your enclosure machined for all your i/o connectors...

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Modification And Customisation - A Case StudyModification And Customisation - A Case Study

Published on 24th April 2017

Modification and customisation - a case study for Vero IDAS cases: 

Our IDAS range of ABS enclosures has a plan size of 220 x 230 mm and is available in 3 heights: 35, 70 and 105 mm. The top and bott...

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