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Modification Service

All standard products are a compromise to meet the widest range of applications. There is often a need therefore for these products to be modified in some way to tune the product to your application. This usually involves the purchase and delivery of parts enclosures, front panels, and other components, to our customers, and then the shipment of the same to a modification company to be machined or punched to suit the connectors or application etc. This involves considerable "hidden" costs for all of the handling involved as well as risk to the product in terms of possible handling damage and delays to the procurement cycle. In addition this also increases the number of suppliers and therefore the costs to the company.

The service we offer for our customers is to carry out the modifications to the electronic enclosures or front panels we produce to your drawings or requirements in our own factory, using the latest CNC equipment and production techniques, and then ship the product to you ready for use and on time.

For more information on our modification service, visit our Metal Enclosures modification page, our Plastic Enclosures modification or Panel Modification pages.

The major benefits here are:

  • Guaranteed 100% yield.
  • Reduced cost (in real terms) for the product.
  • Reduced time to market for the finished goods.
  • Reduced vendor base and costs.

If you would like us to assist you in bringing your product to market more quickly, efficiently and with improved profitability please contact us at or call us on +44(0) 1489 776931.

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