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Aluminium Enclosures

Vero Technologies lorry

As a welcome for new customers and a thank you to our existing customers, we are offering free delivery* on all new orders placed via our website.
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Three styles of rugged extruded black anodised aluminium enclosures in a range of standard lengths and suitable for standard and 3/4 width Eurocard PCB’s. All versions of the cases can be modified to provide wall fixings and IP65 protection. End panels are provided as standard blank panels and along with cases can be modified by machining / drilling and printed to your drawings / requirements. Non-standard length cases can also be supplied if required.

  • Rugged enclosures for a wide range of applications.
  • Internal PCB carrying slots and external features to improve thermal transfers for sealed systems
  • IEC and DIN format for fixed and mobile equipment.
  • Side access case allows easier access or application of custom heat sink.
  • Supported by a complete range of accessories and services.