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  1. FAQ Do Vero products comply with current ROHS standards and requirements?
    • All our products have been designed/modified to meet the current ROHS standards and requirements governed by the EEC directives.
  2.  My part number looks similar to your codes but mine has a letter at the end, What does this mean?
    •  The legacy of the Vero part numbers carried a “Check Digit” which was an alpha character after the numerical code. This was previously used as part of the part number verification process and is not required by our systems and can be omitted.
  3. Can I specify different colours for my plastic parts?
    •  All our products are manufactured and sold to the colours defined in the product detail and in the main are to industry standards. For the majority of our plastic enclosures we have also made available a range of primary colours to RAL specifications. These can be ordered by contacting our sales department with your enquiry. If you wish to have the product in a different colour or finish for example your company colours this is possible however it will depend on:
      • The component
      • The colour required
      • Commercial issues relating to minimum quantity of the materials
      •  If you would like to make use of this facility you should contact our Sales department for a specific quotation by one of the following means: Telephone: +44(0) 1489 776 933 or Email:
  4. I wish to order a lot of components but don't like the fact that they are sold in smaller packages which means there will be a lot of wasted packaging and effort to open them, Is there anything you can do?
    •  Yes, we offer the ability to pack our products into larger lot sizes, we term this as “bulk packaging” for particular items including our prototyping, prototyping accessories, and smaller plastic enclosure products, Please contact the Sales Department for further details: Telephone: +44(0) 1489 776 993 or Email:
  5. I have found one of your products similar to what I need but it doesn't fit my application or other components precisely. Can you recommend a modification process with out risking damage to my product or adding a large cost increase?
    •  We can solve all these issues for you by modifying the chosen product to your requirements in our skilled and modern manufacturing facilities. We can take any of our products and modify them to suit your application, limiting the risk to the product due to mishandling or logistical issues and at the same time reducing the time to market and cost for the finished turn key product.
  6. How can I specify any modification needed to make your product fit my application?
    • As mentioned we offer a modification service, part of this service is to provide basic detail information of many of our parts in the form of a PDF drawing. These can be downloaded from the various Vero Technologies web pages or by contacting our sales department. The drawings can then be marked up by you with the appropriate changes and returned to us. We will then review the proposal and contact you with any open questions and provide you with a firm costed proposal. Alternatively if you already have a detailed drawing for production these can be sent directly to our sales department:Telephone: +44(0) 1489 776 993 or Email:
  7. Can I use my own courier to collect and deliver my purchase?
    1.  Yes of course, We ship products globally on a regular basis and many of our customers have this as a requirement. Please contact us first to make the necessary arrangements, We will not just accept a courier turning up to collect goods without  prior arrangement to protect your ownership of the product. Telephone: +44(0) 1489 776 993 or Email:
  8. Am I or a representative able to collect my purchase from your premises?
    • Yes, but your intent to collect personally needs to be communicated to us through the sales department prior to you or your representative arriving as we will need to arrange a means of identifying the person collecting the product. Telephone: +44(0) 1489 776 993 or Email:
  9. How can I pay for my products?
    • Payment can be made in several ways: Credit card as part of the e-commerce site payment facility. Credit card through our sales office by email, Fax, or telephone. An established monthly company credit account by prior arrangement with our sales office in particular for Cheque and overseas payments. Telephone: +44(0) 1489 776 931 or Email:
  10. What currencies can I pay in?
    • We can accept £ Sterling, €Euros, $USD
  11. What are your Terms and Conditions for shipping?
    • Our chosen courier service is provided by Royal Mail and a our chosen Courier EXPD, we adhere to the conditions laid out by these companies and as featured in their official Terms and Conditions as well as our own terms and conditions of sale.
  12. At what rate will VAT be charged to me?
    • We have 4 classifications for the application of VAT on all sales:
      • UK Sales: These incur VAT at the rate prevailing at the time and date of invoice as set by the UK Treasury.
      • Exports sales to VAT registered companies are effectively rated as 0% VAT, for example this currently includes other EEC countries.
      • European Sales to non VAT registered people with Sales Tax applied at UK Rates
      • Other Export sales that are currently VAT exempt
    • You will be appropriately assigned to one of the above categories dependant on your location of shipping.
  13. What government trade legislation do you conform to?
    • The nature of internet sales require us to conform to a variety of trade regulations laid out by the government which are inclusive of but not restricted to:
      • Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 
      • Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 
      • Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directives) Regulations 2003  
      • Data Protection Act 1998